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Dieting leaves your body feeling like it's starving, which causes it to go into "conservation mode". This means that your metabolism slows down and your body starts using it's energy more efficiently, making it harder for you to shed fat and kilos. When the diet is over and the weight starts creeping back on, your body will pack on a few extra kilos to store up for the next time it anticipates a famine. By contrast, Ultrasonic Cavitation doesn't cause the body to "panic", and it won't fight against you by working so hard to hold on to it's fat reserves. The fat is eliminated naturally, being processed by your body's own filtration system. Compared to surgical methods (gastric bypass, lap band, liposuction, etc), there is no scarring, no bleeding, no risk of infection, no pain, no down-time for recovery and, in most cases, Ultrasonic Cavitation is  much more affordable.

Enjoy these immediate and dramatic results during your first treatment:

Cm & fat loss

Muscle definition

Skin toning & tightening

Decreased cellulite & wrinkling

without chemicals, pain or nasty food programs!

Imagine a healthier, sexier you… INSTANTLY!

Non-invasive Ultrasound Technology provides dramatic, safe and permanent fat & centimetre loss WITHOUT surgery, drugs or painful recovery time.

Soothing and pleasant treatment