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What to Expect from Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments 

1.  The machine is designed to destroy and/or shrink fat cells using soundwaves.  This offers an  alternative solution for
     anyone who does not want to go the surgical route. The treatment will help those who have difficulty following strict diet        and exercise regimes as well as anyone requiring quick results.

2.  Do not expect huge layers of fat to disappear in one treatment or that, after treatments, you will be able to binge-eat &
     never exercise.  The treatment is not a solution for obesity as it would not be practical in terms of time and cost.

3.  The treatments are highly successful in dissolving fat in targeted areas, provided they are done on a regular basis.

4.  The overall success varies from patient to patient, depending on each individual's lifestyle and metabolism.  Everyone
     should adhere to healthy eating habits coupled with a reasonable exercise programme to attain and maintain the best
     possible results.

5.  Benefits of the treatments will show reduced size in the areas treated together with firmer skin.  Many people report that
     their skin feels tighter. 

6.  Patients should not expect immediate weight loss from each treatment as it depends on the capacity of the individual
     to metabolise the released fat.  The patient will experience centimetre loss on completion of the body's metabolic
     process after each treatment.

7.  The focus of the treatments is to expel excessive fat deposits in areas where it is difficult to lose it using conventional
     methods of diet and exercise.  This can now be achieved without having to lose weight in other areas of the body.

8.  We have had measurable success with both male and female patients in areas such as the stomach, upper arms,
     buttocks, hips and legs in reducing fat as well as cellulite.

9.  On the face, we have also had great results with reducing double chins and jowls.  Using the low radio frequency
     option to safely and painlessly tighten the skin has been successful in reducing wrinkles and lifting sagging skin
     as seen in some of the photos in the Before and After section on this website.

10. The duration of each fat reducing treatment is 30 minutes.  The patient is required to do some form of exercise after
      each treatment in order to help the body to eliminate the fat through the lymphatic system.  There is a stationery
      bicycle and a small trampoline to be used for this purpose and requires a minimum of 5 minutes exercise.  If the
      patient would prefer to go for a short walk or their own gym session, that is acceptable.

11.  The facial treatments are 10 minutes for each area and it is possible to treat 3 areas making up a total of 30 minutes.

12.  Treating a double chin is a 15 minute session.

13.  On average, treatments should be done once or twice per week. 

14.  Most people require 6 to 8 treatments to get a good overall result.  It is possible to continue with treatments depending
      on the requirements of the individual.

15. Last, but not least, it is important to drink as much water as possible both before and after treatments.  Water helps to        move the fat through the system and creates a more conducive atmosphere for the ultrasonic waves to work their 


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